Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles
Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles
Black Jute Tote Bag w Wood HandlesOrange Jute Tote Bag w Wood HandlesGrey Jute Tote Bag w Wood HandlesBlue Jute Tote Bag w Wood Handles
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This is arguably the most fashionable tote bag available at Discount Mugs.com. The colorful designs, jute material and quality features like wood handles make this Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles make this product above the rest when it comes to aesthetics and convenience. Use this customizable jute tote bag for any occasion in which a carrying bag would be necessary. The versatile design of this tote bag is such that it’s acceptable at formal and casual events. Use this jute tote bag to carry books to class, shop for groceries, and carry files to work or even to hold your laptop. The fact that this custom jute bag is made of such a quality organic material (jute) means that it’s an eco-friendly product that promotes social and environmental responsibility.

This customizable tote bag is medium-sized with dimensions that are fifteen-inches in height, thirteen-inches in width and plenty of storage space. The Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles is designed to carry a variety of objects like books, blankets, and clothes or lap tops. Enjoy this bag at picnics and other outdoor events where its environmental friendliness and quality design will be a great conversation piece. The design for this customizable jute tote bag includes two tone color designs with black side and base and your choice of color for the front and back of the bag. The most outstanding design- features of this bag are the wood handles, which add a level of sophistication to this quality promotional tote bag.

Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles and jute tote bags in general are the latest fad to hit the promotional product industry. Jute is made of spun or threaded vegetable fiber; this makes the material completely organic. It has a variety of uses but is growing in popularity based on its environmentally friendly implications. When used to create fabulous products like the Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles, promotional products become more than just stylish ways to promote a company. Jute tote bags help mold a company’s image as an environmentally conscious organization, which is so crucial in the socially conscious modern world of business. So who says you can’t have everything you want in a single promotional product? The Jute Tote Bags with Handles is both stylish and meaningful as a promotional product to be used at trade shows or as a corporate giveaway item. So remember if you’re looking to buy a jute tote bag, try the stylish Jute Tote Bag with Wood Handles.

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