Java Ceramic Coffee Mugs
Java Ceramic Coffee Mugs
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* 11.5 oz. uniquely curved ceramic Promotional Java Coffee Mugs.
* Smooth molded ceramic composite
* Glossy vibrant color exterior finish
* High curved grip for easy grab-n-go handling

Need a special gift for an invaluable employee, or for Secretary’s Day? These large, 11.5 oz. uniquely styled coffee mugs make a personalized gift all employees will appreciate. Custom -print the java mugs with an employee’s favorite quote, name, or company logo. The wide variety of 8 contemporary colors makes an easy choice for any gift or promotion. Give these to loyal customers, imprinted with the company logo. Keep the customers coming with promotional mugs.

Most businesses are looking for ways to give their customers or employees gifts that will let them know they care without breaking the bank. Unfortunately, few business owners and managers have the time to hunt for the right gift. We have it, and it is not only affordable, but it is also well made, great looking and useful. It’s the Promotional Coffee Mug, sometimes called the Java Coffee Mug.

The promotional coffee mug is made of high quality ceramic and holds a sizeable 11.5 ounces. It is patterned after the older coffee mugs, except it’s a little taller and sleeker to keep up with today’s styles.

The promotional coffee mug comes in nine brilliant colors that will display your logo and any other information vibrantly and professionally. The colors include black, bright green, orange, bright yellow, pink, cobalt blue, white, light blue and brown. They can show of any color logo or writing and can be done in two tone as well.

These are mugs that you can find at quality bistros, coffee pubs, restaurants, ceramic shops and more, so your customers and employees will be impressed that you have thought enough of them to give them such a nice gift.

Giving a gift to a customer or an employee to show your appreciation for their loyalty or hard work lets them know that you care. It lets them know that you appreciate their business or appreciate the fact that, in an employee’s case, they go the extra mile.

There are many particular occasions during which a business would give out gifts. This promotional coffee mug is a gift that will continue to give because every time that your customer or employee uses it, they will think of your company and the quality it stands for. In addition, this will likely result in some excellent referrals.


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