Norwegian Coffee Mugs
Norwegian Coffee Mugs
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Norwegian Coffee Mugs


* Size: 18 oz.
* large Norwegian style
* Logo Printed Coffee Mugs.
* Smooth molded ceramic composite
* Glossy vibrant color exterior
* white interior finish
* Unique styled wide grip
* for easy grab-n-go handling

End the frustration of delicate mug handles you can barely fit a finger through with the customized, easy-grip handles on our Norwegian coffee mugs. This super sized ceramic mug will keep you sipping coffee on the long commute to the office. Offer a Norwegian mug filled with freshly brewed coffee to clients. What’s even better is that it can be personalized with your favorite saying or photo. Keep smiling on the way to work or throughout a meeting with a silly, custom printed expression on your ceramic mug.

Businesses know that getting their name out is important to help customers remember them. They also know that when a customer or an employee receives a gift that shows your appreciation, it will keep people loyal to you and let them know you care.

We have the perfect gift that does all of those things. The custom Norwegian mug is unique, high quality and quite special. It is not shaped like most mugs; it is cinched in the middle creating a unique shape that your customers and employees will enjoy and talk about.

Aside from being creative in its shape, the custom Norwegian mug holds a very ample 18 ounces and is perfect for any beverage from coffee to tea, hot chocolate or your favorite soup. The custom Norwegian mug comes in green, orange, pink, blue, and bright yellow. The handle and the top rim of the cup are black just to add an extra artistic and creative twist.

The custom Norwegian mug will display your logo or other information you wish to display brilliantly. Because these colors are true colors and they are rich, they will show off your information beautifully. You can choose from various colors for your logo and your artwork.

These high quality ceramic custom Norwegian mugs are found in upscale coffee pubs, gift stores featuring unique ceramics and other specialty stores. Your customers and employees will recognize this at once, realizing their quality and uniqueness.

The custom Norwegian mug will become a favorite to anyone you give it to, and they will know that you appreciate their loyal business if they are a customer or their hard work if they are an employee. When people know you care, they pass the word along to others who will become referrals and potential customers.

If you are looking for one of the most creative, unique and well made gifts that your clients and employees will truly enjoy and appreciate, the custom Norwegian mug is the perfect gift to show that you care.

Order you custom Norwegian mugs today and let us do all the rest. Your customers and employees will appreciate this wonderful gift.

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