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Youth Cotton Short Sleeve T-Shirts

* T435 Champion Youth 6.1 oz. Tagless T-Shirt

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Youth Tee-Shirt Sizes:

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Personalize your shirts with your buisiness name, youth's sport team or give as great gifts.


Do you coach or sponsor a youth’s sports team? Are you the owner or manager of a business that caters mostly to children? If so, you may be looking for shirts that show your sponsorship or you might be looking for a gift or reward of some kind for a job well done.

T-Shirts are one of the most popular ideas today for a few reasons. A great looking and fitting tee with your business name and logo on it is a win-win situation. The child has a cool shirt and you get free advertising wherever the child goes. When someone asks the child or parent where they got the shirt, the person will be referred directly to you, becoming a potential client.

We have the perfect shirt for this. The custom youth tagless tee made by Hanes – a leader and innovator in the t-shirt and sports apparel arena – is a great gift because it is unique and it is practical. It will be worn around town, and just like Nike and some other large companies put their logo out for all to see by giving apparel away to everyone from rock stars to athletes, you can use the same marketing idea and get your name out, too, even if you are a smaller business on a smaller budget than Nike.

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