CAPS, HATS, VISORS Custom Personalized Caps and Visers

Have us make your personalized caps, promotional baseball caps, or embroidered promotional caps for your promotion or turniment.

Caps are great promotional products because of the basic fact that they rest on your head. Since that is the part of the body that others look at the most, custom printed logos on caps receive relatively large amounts of attention. 

These 6-Panel Brushed Cotton Un-constructed Caps have quality features and stylish designs. These caps come in multiple color options including green, white, red, black, blue and beige. The option to customize the color scheme of these hats makes it easier to personalize these caps to fit a specific company logo and theme.

The dimensions for these adult-sized caps are standard with imprint areas that are 4 ¼ inches in width and 2 ¼ inches in height. Imprint areas this large are uncommon and can only be seen in promotional products like mouse pads, t-shirts, notebooks and hats. These hats are made of brushed cotton material which look and feel great. Cotton is an environmentally friendly substance and has amazing results when used to display custom printed logos.

 These 6-Panel Brushed Cotton Un-constructed Caps are a great choice for                                          any promotional product gift set.

6-Panel Brushed Cotton Caps

Tired after the game

Custom Embroidered Promotional Caps; 
 Add your logo, mascot or number on any of our products for
your promotion, tournament or give as gifts.

                                             Custom Emroidered 

                                            Caps and Sun Visers                                                                                                                

Caps are great promotional products because of the basic fact that they rest on your head.

Customizable caps like these 6-Panel Brushed Cotton Un-constructed Caps are often used for promotional purposes at trade shows and other promotional events. Personalized caps can also be used by employers as a gift to employees, and while this will likely be a well accepted gift, it also serves promotional purposes as they will promote the company logo everywhere they venture wearing their 6-Panel Brushed Cotton Un-constructed Caps .

These promotional caps are color customizable, which means they can be designed to fit a company or logo with seamless precision. Very few promotional products have the potential to create as much exposure as custom caps because of their premium location, large imprint areas and usefulness.

Custom printed caps are also popularly used at corporate events that are outdoors like corporate golf tournaments, company picnics and many other outdoor excursions.

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